Long COVID recovery — are RecoverUp immune supplements any good?

Mark Anderson
4 min readMar 5, 2021

As more and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccine, and the lockdown ending has become more of a promise than just a pipe dream, we are all starting to feel more positive about 2021.

However, many people who have had COVID are still having symptoms weeks and months after having caught the virus. This is referred to as long COVID.

Many are turning to supplements like RecoverUP Immune Support 24h, but can supplements really help with long COVID?

Can supplements help with long COVID?

What is long COVID?

As the name suggests, long COVID is a longer, more complex form of COVID-19. It can also be referred to as ‘Long Haul COVID’ or ‘Post-COVID Syndrome’.

As many as one in five people have COVID-19 symptoms after 5 weeks, and one in ten have extended symptoms for 12 weeks or longer.

Doctors, nurses, health care professionals and NHS staff who have struggled to fulfil their demanding roles due to long COVID, have called for formal guidelines to diagnose long COVID.

A recent article in the medical journal Lancet has also called for formal guidelines that would reflect the complexity of long COVID and that would help provide a formal diagnosis.

Where to get support for long COVID?

People with long COVID have formed numerous online support groups, which are a great source of knowledge, experience and support for anyone who is struggling with COVID-19 or Long COVID. They have also been influential in bringing awareness to the illness.

The largest long COVID group in the UK with over 35,000 members is the Long COVID Support Group on Facebook. In the group, people share their experiences and how they have dealt with the symptoms of long COVID.

10 Top Tips for Recovering from Coronavirus

Many people have turned to natural supplements. In my other post, How to boost your immune system against coronavirus, I discussed how supplements can help support your immune system and thus boost it against COVID, but it looks like the same supplements can also help with the symptoms of long COVID.

The supplements I have tried, RecoverUp Immune Support 24h, are made by the Edinburgh-based company Better Nutritional Science, and they are gaining popularity among the long COVID groups.

Can RecoverUp Immune Support supplements help with long COVID?

Based on the comments made by several people who have tried RecoverUp Immune Support supplements, it certainly seems so.

“I started trying the AM PM formula to help aid my Long Covid recovery. They really seem to have helped speed up the recovery process and so far I am thrilled with the positive impact it has had on my body! I will certainly be continuing with them many thanks!”

Holly Johnson-Underwood

“I have been taking the AM and PM system for 15 days and I feel amazing! I started taking them to help with suspected long covid viral fatigue alongside the Focus pro products and after months of feeling very fatigued and dizzy with terrible brain fog. I really feel fantastic, I have been able to function better and feel more like my normal self.”

Vicki Pasterfield

“I’m suffering from Long-haul Covid and these have made so much of a difference to me. After seven months of extremely slow progress I’ve begun to feel so much better.”

Karen Willis

However, they do have a disclaimer stating that “RecoverUp Immune Support 24h is not a medicine for treating long COVID and is not scientifically proven to treat long COVID. These testimonials are purely to indicate that these customers used RecoverUp Immune Support 24h to support their immune system. It does not guarantee you will have the same benefits.”

So whilst it can’t be guaranteed that the RecoverUp supplements will help you if you have COVID or long COVID, the customer testimonials certainly seem promising. Furthermore, RecoverUp is also supported by the group Long COVID Recovery.

What do RecoverUp Immune Support supplements do?

The company states the following on their website:

“RecoverUp Immune Support 24h contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to support the immune system. This refers to the health-supporting benefits which contribute to:

(AM formula) the normal function of the immune system; normal red blood cell formation; normal energy-yielding metabolism; normal muscle function; protection of cells from oxidative stress; normal DNA synthesis; normal functioning of the nervous system.

(PM formula) the normal function of the immune system; normal oxygen transport in the body; normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin; normal psychological function; maintenance of normal liver function.”

With the subsidy initiated by long-covid-recovery.org, the price of the supplements is lower so if you’re someone with long COVID, trying the RecoverUP supplements is now more affordable.



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